Is there anything like the “Perfect Man?”

If you ask any single woman about the kind of man she desires, pay attention to their response. It’s that alpha male who is the sweetest, good-looking in the mould of tall, dark and handsome. He must be the most honest man, a good cook, as well as being the best in bed. In fact, to some women, he must be like an angel like kind of figure.

When God made man, there is a limitation to everything he does. The reason why we get exhausted after a long day’s work is a clear indication of how not perfect we are. There is no man alive who can live without food or water. Sometimes I always wish I could fly, but being on the ground level is my limit; the least I can do is to jump. We can as well as conclude that no man can draw an accurate straight line without the aid of a mathematical instrument.

The reason I say this is that it has become a norm in our society for women to have several desirable traits they need in a man. Some of them have waited for far too long for this perfect man, but it all ended in disappointment. It is only reasonable for every woman to want the best things in life, who blames them? Not me. The issue is, why have men not been up to the task. Why have they not exceeded every woman’s expectations? What women want in men today is near damn impossible; in one man, they want a tall one, handsome, kind, honest, romantic and submissive to their demands in another; they want one who makes as six-figure sum of amount annually as a salary. But if men had all these qualities, then would it not be termed as one-sided in favour of the women? Would any woman want her man not to have his own opinion or a healthy lifestyle based on his earnings? We have seen men who pretend to be perfect just to use a woman to achieve his agenda. Nearly all men today know that the only way to get to a woman’s heart is to pretend to be a nice guy, which is the perfect man that she desires and until this very day some women have not learnt that not everything good that comes your way is meant to stay, some things are just too good to be true.

The perfect man is an image taken too far; God made men to become better at what they choose to do. Men do have their limitations, we are aware that we are not perfect, but every day of our lives, some of us can only strive to be better than who we were. I think every woman should seek a man who admits not to be perfect, but intends to be a better man each day of his life. Perfection is impossible to achieve; it can only be maintained by seeking to be a better person. A terrible man can be mistaken for being a perfect man because to win a woman’s heart is to pretend to be accurate, translation, all that she wants. The better man who knows he has his flaws but is willing to become better is the perfect man every woman should seek. It does not matter how he looks, looks can be deceiving, and there is no good-looking man who is not full of himself for when a man feels he is too good-looking, that can be his recipe for his disaster waiting to come.

Admitting a mistake is the greatest challenge a man faces. Any man who is willing to accept his mistakes and learn from it is the type of perfect man who can make any woman feel better. As always, it’s my opinion.

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