What would you do if you secretly find your woman talking to another man.

The thing with the power of love is that it can prevent you from seeing so many things wrong in a relationship. They say love is blind, and I must admit, it does confuse a man not to act when he should. When you truly love a woman so much and then you find out the worst. What decision would you take?

The beautiful thing about women is that when they put their efforts into the love they have for you, it can be magic. If a woman dearly loves you, she can go through the ends of the earth for a man. Women can be so sweet like nectar that when they are so romantic on a Friday night, she can make you forget everything that had already messed up your day. Women are far more romantic than men on any given day.

On the contrary, there are times women go astray and fall out of love for a man. As a man, this has nothing to do with you; imagine you give your all to one woman. You are neither rich nor poor, you have been living with her for a year, and everything goes well. Then suddenly things start to go sideways with your job, which makes it difficult for you financially. You try your best to pick up, but it’s not just working for you economically. Then she comes out supporting you, assures you that regardless of what you are going through, she will always be there for you unconditionally. As a man, you become so happy that you thank the skies that you have found one good one. She comes home late due to her work schedule, meaning the only time you get to see her is almost midnight.

The things she does to prove that she is cheating

So literally, you rarely see her from Monday to Friday, which is understandable due to her work demands. Now during the weekends, there are other activities she undertakes, she responds that she has her life to live during the weekend doing women things. The sex used to be right before, but she starts avoiding that; when you try to touch her, she proclaims tiredness due to work, so she barely agrees for you to feel her. She becomes so strange and starts yelling at everything. Her lousy day at work has transferred to you. Suddenly, you go suspicious, but it’s hard for you to conclude that anything other than work is the reason why she acts aggressively.

The day comes when she falls asleep but forgets to lock her phone, which means the back-light was still on because she’s active on it for a few minutes. You go to her phone and decide to close it for her, but you see a strange chat at first glance. You take the phone away from her and go to the living room; you read the conversation, and it’s with some other guy. The worst has just begun, there’s a message she has been sending to another guy who she works out within the gym. In the chat, you read how he tells her how much he is happy to meet her in the gym today and how beautiful and sexy she looked today, and he would have kissed her if not for people who were present.

Now, knowing how dedicated your women used to be before, you will think she will debunk that statement, but the worst already began. She is flattered and thanked him. She responds by saying she is happy to see him too; then, he tells her that if only they were alone, he would have kissed her in the car. She sends a smiley emoji back, meaning it’s a thing she would have loved to happen. Then the other guy teases her by saying that he would like to have sex with her, and then she responds, meaning it can be possible if only he can provide an excellent red wine, which makes it a perfect trio. The other guy knowing she has a boyfriend becomes surprised and asks her if all is well with her current man, and then she responds by saying she is still with him, and he has a different life from her which means she is telling him that her boyfriend is boring and is no longer fun. Then the other asks her if she would be willing to cheat on her man, and she responds by saying that maybe she can with an emoji of smiles and kisses. The other guy getting the picture then notifies her that whenever she is less busy, she can come to be with him. She asks him if he has any other girl, he says he has, but she is just a friend (same cliché used by every man). She then falls for it and informs the other guy that she would find time to visit him.

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The boyfriend, while reading all these messages found in her phone, bursts down in tears. He really could not believe what he just saw. He is heartbroken because that chat indirectly shows his girlfriend and the other guy not only flirting but his girlfriend mocking him. After all, he stayed loyal to her and wonders why she would do this to him. He becomes insecure and goes to drop the phone quietly. His girlfriend is still sleeping. He goes to the mirror and looks at himself, the reason being, to find out if he is good-looking as compared to the other guy. He breaks down in tears again, contemplating if he should confront his girlfriend, or if he should ignore the chat and pray she changes. He even begins to question himself, blaming himself for her decision to talk to other guys. Deep down in his mind, he knows that once he confronts her about the message, they will go into a fight, and she would leave him. He truly loves this girl, and he does not want to lose her. He decides to go to bed where she sleeps and cuddle her, she wakes up and does the same. He then asks her if she is talking to any guy at the gym, she says no, aggressively, she then asks him why he would accuse her of such. He then changes the story, saying he is just asking. She immediately tells him she wants to sleep and should be left alone. Now he goes out of the room, wondering why he did not tell her the truth of what he saw. The fear of losing her if he tells her engulfs his mind. He has two choices to make; either he gets brave and says to her what he just saw, or he does not tell her and hopes that she changes and stays committed to him. With this, he even thinks maybe if he starts changing his personality, perhaps she will find him more attractive than the other guy.

It’s clear that the other guy who probably has other girls has other sinister motives, but she does not see it; she sees the wrong boy type, which she finds attractive, as does every other woman these days. Now the main guy looks loyal, quiet, naive, lacking in self-confidence, nice guy and honest. If you find yourself in this situation, what would you do as a man, and if you are a woman, why would you do this? As always, it’s my opinion.

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