Try a little Tendernes with her

Women. They are emotionally built to take soft words, and when you hit them with verbally abusive words, those words stay in their minds for a long time, breaking them every minute of the hour. They are our mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces and grandmothers. They make us angry sometimes, but the essential part is when they love you, they do it with so much passion and desire.

Till this very day, I still find it hard to understand a woman. They are one of a kind in the sense that you never really know what they want sometimes. One day they can be in such a delightful mood, and another day, it’s hell in the house. I think women should be included in research topics because you never get to find a definite conclusion to who they are. Sometimes you may think you know them, but we all end up not getting the answers to them because today they act like they are in love with you only for you to find out later that she only sees you as a friend.

You can rarely conclude on their state of mind, and this habit keeps a man guessing. Men are straightforward to predict, but women are like the weather; you can never be too accurate when trying to predict them. God did an excellent work on women, and it’s no wonder it took him a lot of work while creating them. I have the feeling that he knew the role they will play in a man’s life, and so far, he magnificently did an excellent job. He did a puzzle in women; you never know the answer unless you work your way through, one piece at a time.

Women compliment men and have been a significant source of happiness for men. However, the woman also has problems she brings to the table. Women often do so many annoying things that men can’t stand. They know how to frustrate you at the wrong time in your life and play a crucial role in bringing men down as we see all around the world. When they are in a bad mood, have it mind that she will take it out on a man. They pose no danger to men physically, but mentally they use their female strength to win every man’s heart, some for good reasons while others for the worst. Don’t get me started on when a woman is on her period; you don’t want to be there at that moment. As men, we face so many obstacles in our daily lives and that moment when you need peace, some men go home to a nagging wife who ends up compounding their misery. When a man has a bad day at work, he keeps it to himself and quietly lets it die away inside of him, but when a woman has a bad day, all hell will break loose in that house if you don’t listen to her. She will make your life miserable for doing nothing wrong. A woman’s lousy day translates to her man’s horrible day, especially when you stay together, that’s why we always pray they never have one.

Some men lose patience when reacting to a woman’s attitude; some use verbal insults, while others who are maniacs use physical altercations to respond to when a woman is feeling down. I have realized that some women don’t handle issues properly when they are emotionally down. When I mean women being emotional, I mean their responses to being lonely, sad, insecure and tired after work. All this is what brings them so much frustration that they don’t filter their answers, and instead, they bring it out in the open, which ultimately ends up bringing out the anger in men. I have also been a victim of a woman’s problem when she is frustrated. But you know what I concluded in this, I realized that they couldn’t do it on their own and that is why they need us men so much. We need to be there for them. I know it’s hard and sometimes you want to yell at them and walk out of the house, but have you ever thought of trying a little tenderness when that problem arises. Women are emotional beings, and they were created to compliment a man and assist them. Some men handle emotions in a matured manner, that is because men are leaders in their thoughts. Women are also leaders, but their leadership needs backing. When a woman feels down, she needs her man’s soft words and tenderness. As men, we can handle issues, but the woman can’t control every aspect, especially when she is emotional. Instead of using physical and verbal ways to respond to their emotions, why don’t you try a little bit of tenderness? The same way we use love to respond when a baby is crying, that is the same way we must use it for our women. They are different from men, and what a man can handle, they need help in that department. If you are a man and you have a girlfriend, fiance or a wife who sometimes gets on your nerves during your worst moments, instead of aggressiveness, try a little tenderness to solve the problem. We were made for them to serve that purpose, and we must work with their emotions to assist them in healing when they feel broken. Those tender, soft words might do the magic to her. As always, it’s my opinion.

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