Why women should be treated with much more tenderness

Women are emotionally made to take sweet words, and when you strike them with tough words, those words linger in their minds, breaking them every minute of the hour. They are our mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and grandparents. They sometimes make us angry, but the important part is when they love you, they do it with such passion and desire.

Until today, it’s always hard for me to understand a woman. They are unique in the sense that you never really know what they want at times. One day, they can be so in a good mood, and another day, it’s hell at home. I think women should be a research topic on their own, because we never reach a specific conclusion about who they are. Sometimes you think that you know a woman, but in fact you don’t, for today they act as if they were in love with you only so that you discover later that she only sees you as a friend.

Men are easy to predict, but women are like time; you can never be too precise in trying to predict them. You may rarely conclude on their mindset, and that habit keeps a man guessing. God did an excellent job on women, and it’s no wonder he needed a lot of work during their creation. I feel like he knew the role they’re going to play in a man’s life, and so far he’s done a magnificent job. He has created an enigma in women; one never knows the answer unless one reads it one room at a time.

Women compliment men, and serve as an important source of happiness for men. However, there are also issues that the woman brings to the table. Women often do so much annoying stuff that men can’t handle. They frustrate you at the wrong time in your life and play a vital role in the downfall of men, as we see all over the world. When they are in a bad mood, have it in mind that she will take it out on a man. They pose no danger to men physically, but mentally they use their feminine strength to gain the heart of each man, some for good reasons while others for the worse.

Don’t get me started on when a woman is on her period; you don’t want to be there at that moment. As men, we face many barriers in our everyday lives, and the time when you seek peace is the time when you are more likely to come home to a harassing woman who ends up making our misery worse.
When a man has a bad day at work, he keeps it to himself and calmly leaves it to die with him, but when a woman has a bad day, hell will break out in this house if you don’t hear her out. A woman’s miserable day translates into her man’s terrible day, especially when you stay together, which is why every man’s prayer is for a peaceful home after work

Women cannot properly deal with issues when they are emotionally depressed. When I talk about a woman’s emotional weakness, I talk about her reactions to being alone, sad, uncertain and fatigued after work. All this is what brings them so much frustration that in the end a man will still be at the end of it. I also experienced the frustration of a woman. The bottom line is, I realized that women need us, men, to keep them in check. We should be here for them. I know it’s tough, and sometimes you want to scream at them and get out of the house, but have you ever thought about trying some tenderness in the midst of a fight.

Women are emotionally charged beings, and they were created to compliment a man and help him. The difference between a man and a woman is that a man can deal with emotions in a mature way while women have difficulty doing so. It demonstrates that men are leaders in their own ability. Women are leaders too, but their leadership requires support. When a woman feels depressed, she needs her husband’s gentle words and tenderness. As men, we can handle issues, but women can’t control everything, especially when they’re emotional. Instead of physically and verbally responding to their emotions, why not try a little tenderness?. It’s important to understand that women are different from men, and what a man can do better, women need support in this department.

If you’re a man, and you have a girlfriend or a fiancé or a woman who sometimes irritates you in your worst moments, rather than being aggressive, try a little tenderness to resolve the problem. We have been designed to do this, and we need to work with their emotions to help them heal when they feel broken. Those soft words could do the magic for her. As always, it’s my opinion. As always, it’s my opinion.

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