How constant conversation between couples can save relationships

When there is a rift in a relationship/marriage, lack of proper communication is the leading cause of misunderstanding. When there is war at home, they barely see eye to eye. When a man sleeps, he turns the opposite direction; the woman does the same. They both develop an ego, and neither wants to be the one to admit wrong and apologize.

The modern-day relationship is nothing to write home about. The biggest issue we face today is control. Everybody wants to be right all the time, and it’s more like a battle for supremacy. Even when one is at fault, self-ego has eaten a relationship so deep that couples prefer to fight for such a long period than talking it out to find a lasting solution.

The union between a man and a woman these days is more of a circus show, depending on how long they last. They rarely last; it ends up being less talking and more focusing on how good each other looks.

Due to lack of heart to heart conversations, relationships of today barely see the light. The two parties in the connection rarely create opportunities for communication. The age of social media and the internet has played a part in disconnecting the man and woman from physical interaction.

Do you know the effects of having a good conversation with your spouse? It brings a sense of understanding as well as creating the desired chemistry needed for further fruitful communication. When a man and woman living together have a dispute, they rarely see eye to eye to talk about the issues they currently face.

Man wakes up in the morning, he ignores woman, he takes a shower then gets ready for work. Makes his breakfast, walks out of the door. He ignores her as if she does not exist all because of a misunderstanding they had. Now a woman, on the other hand, wakes up in the morning, she ignores man, straight from the bed she picks up her mobile phone, then Instagram she goes. She goes through other people’s stories and checks if she has views or likes. That post of hers seems more important to her than her man, who is close to her. She gets ready for work and then leaves the house. You will think they both are invisible to each other, judging by the way they ignore their presence. It goes on for so long that you begin to wonder when this will all end. Later on, on that day, they both have a good day at work, but when they come home, its another war inside a small confined space called a house. You realize that man is more worried about a sports game on television. Then she comes back home; it’s as silent as a graveyard; they don’t walk in each other way. If he sees her in the toilet, he waits until she finishes. If she sees him using the washing machine, she waits until he finishes before she goes near the washing machine. They avoid each other at all costs in the same place. When the time to sleep arises, she faces the other direction of the bed; he does the same too. You will notice that they are both on their phones, in the same bed close to each other facing sideways.

All it takes is for one person, either of the two, to kill that ego and have a heart talk. The power of physical communication during a crisis can save time and help mend broken misunderstanding. But the question is, who will kill that ego between the man and woman? You be the judge. As always, it’s my opinion.

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