Big Boys Also Cry: An honest opinion about depression in men

The world continuously expect a man not to cry when he experiences the most daunting challenges of his life; they hope for him to gather the courage and take the heat as it comes. But when profound depression naturally comes knocking on the door, how best can a wounded man respond positively to it?

There is a significant societal belief that when a mature man is suffering from depression. They expect him to get brave and overcome it. They mock him when he merely expresses his depressive state. He secures no one to turn to when he falls down. Alternatively, he undertakes everything within his power to make sure that nobody finds out about his condition — something I consider as suffering and smiling.

The world today is filled with regret, ill people who don’t care. They only care when there is something in there for them. You rarely gain a friend who you can assign your problems with these days. Depression is a frequent and critical medical illness that adversely affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. Depression causes feelings of sadness and a loss of interest in activities in the past enjoyed. It can cause a variety of emotional and mundane problems and can decrease one’s ability to function at work and home. Regrettably, depression does not know age, gender, race or social status. It inevitably happens to everyone, anywhere, at any odd time.

Grown-up boys can also get depressed. The question is, why does society always feel that any man who comes out as being depressed should get over it quickly. He could look massive in stature, vibrant, young and enjoyable looking. You may think he has made it in life and wonder why he is distressed, but have you ever tried to find out why this adult man is depressed. We experience the daily challenges every day, and some of them represent circumstances that we lack control. We enjoy no power over what happens to us in our ordinary activities; we experience problems upon problems. Sometimes we feel lonely, even when there are concerned people around us who we refer to as personal friends.

The severest problem the big boy faces is he is too frightened to open up about his condition for fear of being ridiculed. He inhabits it inside, and it slowly consumes him, up until the point that he starts getting suicidal. I will add one instance, have you ever gone out with friends, and it begins with a suitable moment, suddenly you realize that despite their presence, you still feel isolated, depressed, exhausted and troubled. You can barely inform anyone. You fake a smile, but they don’t recognize what you are undergoing.

They only just see what you want them to see, which is the supposed grim smile, and that becomes a habit. The reason why the big boy rarely opens up is he wants the world to see him as someone who can handle his own. He wants to remain the “man,” the one who decides all issues. As a modern society, we desperately need to work towards helping the disordered minds that feel severely damaged. The critical point is listening carefully to them when they talk candidly; not everyone can be secure mentally; we all deal with issues in diverse ways, but what about the people who find it hard to combat their mental problems. Grown-up boys do cry too, the gender and the societal status have failed to redeem him. When a grown man walks up to you to sufficiently express his overwhelming sadness, please do listen to him. If you are a grown-up man, and you feel this way, you must know you are not alone. The time has come for you to speak out. Some may not get it, but at least it helps you release that negative stress. You out there reading this, try to accommodate the grown man who opens up; you may prevent a man from being suicidal. As always, it’s my personal opinion.

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